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Cough, hoarseness, lowering of the voice. Sore throat. Complement that thanks to the phyto complex is useful for treating cough with catarrh and irritation in children. Natural defence of the body in adults and children by action of Boswellia and Tabebuia (Lapacho). To be used as soothing cough for all throat irritations even in adults.

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Welltuss-K is the response to the need for a product with alcohol concentration lower than 1% so that it can be used also for children. It is not the younger brother of its predecessor: indeed, it represents an evolution, creating a synergy with Lapacho to draw on his formidable treasure of flavonoids, coenzyme Q50, saponins, Carnosol, mineral salts, trace elements and Tannins such as catechins and Lapachol, which brings together one of the most bioavailable natural systems of active ingredients for the body’s natural defenses.


The Welltuss-K syrup is prepared from a handmade and patented processing technique. Through several macerations, processing of the capsule and grinding at the mortar, under the constant supervision of experts,  many more active ingredients – 90 % more – are obtained than in industrial production. Every ingredient used – Boswellia for example – is important not only for its therapeutic value but also for the benefits of a true Phyto complex in its active phase. The roots of a fresh plant of Althea officinalis have a beneficial effect on the function of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and the well-being of the throat.

The various essences, the extracts, the macerated products and the precious derivatives from the embryonic tissue of fresh buds act and interact so that the body better responds to external stress.  All this and more. In a landscape of mass industrial products Welltuss-K with extract of Lapacho is a unique and precious product.


Wellbeing of airways


relieves cough

anti inflammatory

immune stimulanting



  • ALTEA OFFICINALIS fresh plant root
  • BOSWELLIA SERRATA E.F. resin (incense) titrated at 65% in Boswellic Acid*
  • JUGLANS REGIA Fresh buds, glyceric macerate
  • TOLU BALSAM Fluid Extract



15 ml 3 times a day to exploit the effects of mucilage and tannins. Do not drink or eat for 20 minutes after taking the syrup.



Althea                                  5000 mg

Tabebuia                             1090 mg

Tolu Balsam                        500 mg

Macerated Walnut               210 mg

Boswellia                                150 mg



200 ml – 250 g

Glass bottle, sealed cap and small glass

*country origin China



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