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Eikes+G Reishi 60 cps


Named immortality fungus,  tonic and adaptogenic action.



Ganoderma lucidum ranks among the most used and precious medicinal mushroom varieties: Eikes + G contains two different forms of it, the mushroom extract and the extract from its spores. They are titrated at 50% and 30% in polysaccharides, respectively, and are present in identical proportions in the formulation. This association is very interesting since the substances present in the spores are practically absent in the rest of the mushroom.

This inventive formulation enhances the characteristic of each constituent in different areas of the Phyto complex while exalting its synergies. From a pharmacological point of view, the most important components so far found in Reishi are polysaccharides (β-D-Glucans), sterols (ergosterol), triterpenes (ganoderic acids), glycosides, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and amino acids.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine TCM

Meridians: Heart, stomach, spleen, liver, lungs

Associated elements: Fire, water, wood

Action: Nourishes the blood, tonifies the Qi, soothes the mind



  • GANODERMA LUCIDUM REISHI DRIED EXTRACT 50% polysaccharides mushroom dried extract*
  • GANODERMA LUCIDUM REISHI DRIED EXTRACT 30% Polysaccharides spores extract*
  • BOSWELLIA SERRATA DRIED EXTRACT Resin (incense) titrated at 65% in Boswellic acid*
  • ACEROLA MALPIGHIA DRIED EXTRACT titrated at 20% in Vit. C.**



1 Vegetarian Capsule 3 times a day, between meals.



Ganoderma lucidum Reishi dried extract +

Ganoderma lucidum Reishi Spore dried extract                       1200 mg

Acerola                                                                                                  150 mg

Boswellia serrata dried extract                                                           75 mg



60 Veg Capsules

Glass vase aluminum/gold cap, manually applied seal

*country of origin R.P. China

**country of origin Italy



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