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Steeped compounds, resins, dry extracts, fluid extracts, titrations, essential oils. A strong link with Tradition, a strong link with the Earth. 
To marvel at everything is the first step … L. Pasteur

Eikes   fitness, defenses, antioxidating, medicinal mushroom


Instant Herbal tea 110 gr   –  200 gr 

For centuries the healing properties of medicinal mushrooms have been well-known in China and Japan: people take and use them for dietary and treatment purposes. Fungi, in general, and those used in medicine, have a high nutritional value which is now widely recognized: they contain vitamins, minerals, plant proteins with essential amino acids, nucleotides that serve to deliver energy within cells and fibers; they are free from cholesterol, low in sodium, calories and fats.

With all these features, the innovative and balanced formula of EIKES is an excellent complement for daily supplementation; its combination of bioactive compounds is ideal not only for diets largely based on vegetables but also when the aim is to constantly improve biological functions.

This lifestyle is increasingly shared around the world. It is based on the uptake of tailored dietary supplementation. Using state-of-the-art extraction techniques together with the traditional craftsmanship of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we extract plant ingredients while preserving their unique properties.

EIKES products contain vitamin C extracted from Acerola acting in synergy to enhance the action of β-glucans. Fungi are now recognized as a truly balanced source of nutrients. Flavonoids strengthen the human immune system, improve body’s natural defenses and reduce the vulnerability to diseases. Nutraceuticals and functional food are there to play an increasingly important role as a constant support to efficient biological functions.


Eikes+g reishi  energizing, the best approach to wellness

INSTANT HERBAL TEA   CAPSULES  The characteristics of EIKES + G nutraceutical herbal tea are enhanced by two extracts of GANODERMA, that is the fungus and the spores, titrated in polysaccharides at 50% and 30%, respectively.Thanks to triterpenes, polysaccharides, nucleosides such as ADENOSINE and Acerola (titrated at 20% in ViT. C) among the many, REISHI coordinates the action of Shiitake, Maitake and Cordyceps extracts and supports the body’s natural defenses in a naturally functional drink and offering an appropriate plant proteins supplementation.

Eikes+C Cordyceps  tonic, increase testosterone, metabolic support, antioxidant, aphrodisiac.

VEGETABLE CAPS   Our capsule formulations contain a single fungal extract (rather than using multiple extracts in lower concentrations). CORDYCEPS and the other extracts are active on the upper airways function and the body’s natural defenses; its tonic action supports metabolic activity.Cordyceps is one of the rarest and most precious medicinal fungi used for treatment; the first evidence of its use dates to thirty centuries back in time. It contains many active nutritional ingredients, such as the entire essential amino acids pool, B-glucans, vitamins E, B1, B2, B12, K, polysaccharides, nucleosides, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, vanadium. ACEROLA has a supportive, restorative and antioxidant effect.

Gastroeikes   digestive function, gastrointestinal disorders, body weight in balance, 

SOLUBLE ERBAL TEA,  SYRUP,  CAPSULES  The main ingredient is the Hericium Erinaceus fungus, also called LION’S MANE or OLD MAN’S BEARD. For the first time ever, fungi and algae (CHONDRUS CRISPUS) are successfully combined, that have always been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. It yielded a number of compounds belonging to different classes with potential biological activity, which were tested against multiple targets.

A large area of possible therapeutic and anti-carcinogenic application of H. erinaceus is its salutary influence on the digestive organs, including stomach, liver, intestine and colon.

It has been demonstrated that the extracts stimulated the activities of natural killer cells and macrophages on one hand and blocked angiogenesis
on the other.

Deglycyrrhizinate licorice (DGL) has scar healing and anti-microbial effects thanks to its FLAVONOIDS; the absence of glycyrrhizin avoids the undesirable effects on blood pressure. The CHONDRUS CRISPUS algae helps digestion and the regular functioning of the bowel; it keeps body weight in balance.

Green eikes spirulina superfood, support and fortifyng action 

INSTANT HERBAL TEA  Still today our best selling product.  The well-known properties of fungi and algae in a single product: the Earth offering some of its most precious treasures and the marine world with one of its most active fruits. SHIITAKE MAITAKE AND CORDYCEPS in synergy with SPIRULINA – regarded as a super food with 62% of plant proteins, enriching GREEN EIKES with polysaccharides, VIT-B12, minerals, BETA-CAROTENE and CAROTENOIDS, the precious CHLOROPHYLL and essential amino acids to support and fortify.

Green eikes erba di grano   refrescing and re-mineralizing , power of YIN

WHEATGRASS INSTANT HERBAL TEA  110220  Wheatgrass is one of the best natural sources of CHLOROPHYLL– it is 70% of its content – and is made of young green plants growing to produce seeds in subsoils where the mycelia of this fungus have always lived and thrived. Like in Nature, fungi and buds act in synergy in GREEN EIKES. The wheatgrass herbal tea is an abundant source of CHLOROPHYLL, PLANT PROTEINS, Vitamin A, B, C, E, K, Amino Acids, Bioflavonoids, SOD; it is refreshing and re-mineralizing during the summer and springtime.

Welltuss®  Incense for the airways 

SYRUP   The WELLTUSS syrup formulation is obtained from an artisanal processing method that takes three days to be accomplished: after aqueous extraction from the roots of a fresh plant of Althea and several operations on the capsule and in the mortar, the finished product is obtained. This artisanal method obtains a higher quantity (i.e. more than 90%,) of active ingredients that are processed and used, making WELLTUSS a unique product that has been patented.

All ingredients used, such as BOSWELLIA (INCENSE), offer their unique therapeutic effect: unlike the extracts taken from a single plant, this Phyto complex of active ingredients exerts multiple effects. The different essences, extracts, macerates and precious bud derivatives are taken from the embryonic tissues of fresh buds; they interact with the body and enable a better response to external stresses.

Welltuss® – K  Well-being of the airways 

SYRUP   The alcohol content of this syrup is less than 1% and it is therefore suitable for adults and children. It is not an offspring of its predecessor: on the contrary, it is an evolution of it.

It contains less alcohol but still has ALTHEA, BOSWELLIA (INCENSE), TOLU BALSAM, JUGLANS REGIA (WALNUT), creating a new synergy with TABEBUIA (LAPACHO); the precious bark of LAPACHO that grows on the mountains in Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru is tapped and yields its formidable treasure of flavonoids, COENZYME Q10, SAPONINS, CARNOSOL, MINERAL SALTS, TRACE ELEMENTS, TANNINS such as catechins and LAPACHOL: this brings together one of the most bioavailable natural systems active on the body’s natural defenses and improves upper airways function.

Ahires  stomach and  intestine, aloe boswellia synergy

SYRUP 200ml  –  500ml  Owing to the emollient and soothing action of ALOE and MUCILAGE and other active ingredients, it acts in synergy to relieve the irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and regularize bowel movements; thanks to LAPACHO the depurative and regulating effects on the cardiovascular system are exploited; papaya promotes antioxidant effects and favors digestion.

Thanks to the action of ANGELICA, this product acts on digestion, regulating the gastro-intestinal motility and favoring the elimination of gases. MSM as a SULPHUR-based compound acts against gastro-intestinal mucosa inflammation. GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) acts as an antioxidant.

Balikain scutellaria baicalensis   natural support, 98% of baicalein, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, for allergy

CAPSULES  60  –  150   The Scutellaria baicalensis is a perennial herb with height varying between 20 and 60 cm; it is widespread especially in the East-Asian regions.  It is one of the fundamental herbs of Chinese and Japanese Traditional Medicine. It acts as a support to the body’s natural defenses and is active on joint, liver, antioxidant, eliminates heat and humidityof the body and supports digestive functions.


“ The taste of a dish, in a medication, in a drug”

The West has for a long time adopted Eastern and Asian dishes in a millennial and historical interaction of cultures. The changes in our dietary supplementation are guided by the desire to be more informed and choose healthier food.


Instant herbal teas of MEDICATED DIET are taken not only as a nutraceutical beverage but also as a functional stock to rediscover tasty and healthy food, while having the benefit of a nutritional intake free from lactose and sugars and supporting the immune system and personal well-being.

Lacrima di giobbe Job’s tears     detoxifies  and harmonizes, disperse cold and humidity, blood stagnation 

INSTANT HERBAL TEA    A balanced mixture of cereals, fruits, legumes, vegetables preparing for the cold season and helping throughout the winter. The perfect breakfast for those who want to stay strong throughout the day.

The ginger extract promotes the regular functioning of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation.

YaoYin  health treatment, when is very hot, YIN support.

INSTANT HERBAL TEA    Fruit, mushroom and a cereal for spring and summertime, when the warm weather begins, and we want to nourish the Yin. To be taken hot or fresh, for a refreshing and reinvigorating break between business and sports activity. Enhanced inflammation that occurs with aging is thought to be a consequence of an imbalance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory networks, the consequence of which is the low grade chronic pro-inflammatory status termed inflamm-ageing. Understanding mechanisms underlying inflammatory responses makes possible the development of rational therapeutic approaches and YAOYIN is one of these.

Yamithay  health treatment, tones up Qi energy, respiratory problems, climateric symptoms

INSTANT HERBAL TEA     Cereals, legumes, mushrooms,  root vegetables and spices together in a bridge between East and West. The true gourmet is surely fulfilled by the medicated dishes, also to be taken as an evening meal accompanying a soup of cereals or a vegetable cream.

Want to try a different evening meal? Get ready for YAMITHAY, maybe drinking it from a kintsugi cup, like a consomme with tamari parsley or shoiu or gomasio, sweet and salty. Always to be prepared in 250 ml of hot water and the medicated diet will prove to be a true meal.

Reikhem   Phyto therapy & Ethnomedicne

SPRAY     The first oral spray inspired by ethnomedicine: with Propolis, Incense, Myrrh, Shiitake, Donkey Milk and Italian Honey. A concentrate of active ingredients for the wellbeing of the oral cavity, studied for the hyper reactive mucous membranes, to naturally stimulate the body’s local defenses.

Hm stemrag Fragility of the capillaries, hemorrhoids, 

CREAM    A superior Oleolite obtained from cypress galbuli collected from spontaneously growing plants and enriched in ozone and stem cells to offer a perfect synergy with Auricularia and Tea Tree Oil.

Sunflower oil also has an emollient and soothing effect on the mucous membranes. The cypress and the parts we select are used to promote regular vascular function. The cypress cones with their active ingredients promote the regular functioning of the microcirculation.

The red vine also favors the regular micro circular function. Stem cells from Centella asiatica and Red vine combined with Scutellaria baicalensis titrated in baicalein at 98% and Auricularia is the perfect crowning of our formula.


One of the peculiar characteristics of our products is the ease of use, in fact the powder extracts are completely ready for use and can be understood as an instant drink. They dissolve better in warm or warm water and the use of very hot water is not necessary. Most of our products should be taken on an empty stomach. Medicinal mushroom compounds should always preferably be taken on an empty stomach. In the case of different indications, the information is present in the pages of each individual product.

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