Ogni nostro prodotto risulta essere uguale nella sostanza ma nuovo allo stesso tempo ogni volta che affrontiamo le diverse produzioni.

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HOPISPHARMA wanted to enrich the gesture of drinking tea, concentrating its essence and preserving all its characteristics at the same time, creating a high quality product

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“… first the best formula, then cost calculation…”

There are many ways to do things well, but only one proves to be the best, one we continually develop and improve. The passion for plants and good quality has no limits and the absence of limits makes our work much easier. This is what inspired our venture in 2006; following the path of one of the oldest artistries in the world – one which is constantly renewed – that of the Pharmacist; we have introduced new and unique elements. The hand of man, his characteristic and irreplaceable trait is present in every phase of a true and authentic process of creation.


We are not interested in mere production like many others do: they always use the same flavors, aromas, textures, and never offer a different nuance or the touch of a different plant variety. Nature, the real one, is always the same in its chords.  However, the seasons, the climate conditions and its infinitely variable tones create the unrepeatable phenomenon of causes and effects that we call Life. More and more people are searching for and still requesting variations. We are devoted to the search for those harmonies, tones and variables that fill the gaps in a standardized world where products are always the same

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le piante

Salute e benessere per l’uomo.